NABCEP PV Installer Continuing Education

Earn 18 credits for NABCEP PV Installer continuing education

Course Details

Category : Solar Photovoltaics
Credit Hours : 18 Hours Online
Format : Instructor Led Video and Slide Presentations
Professional Certificate : NABCEP PV Installer Continuing Education
Recommended For : Students Looking to Earn Continuing Education Credits for NABCEP PV Installer Recertification

This National Solar Trainers' solar PV training program is designed to help our students earn the necessary credits for NABCEP PV Installer recertification. This solar training will be conducted via instructor led videos and slide presentations, by our top solar PV instructors. Learn from NABCEP PV Installer certified instructors. Students must be certified in order to sit for this solar PV training. This training will cover the NABCEP PV Installer Job Task Analysis and cover important aspects necessary to fulfill the NABCEP continuing education requirements.

Course Modules
  • PV-211 : PV Safety

    • Workplace safety
    • OSHA standards
    • Ladder safety
    • Roof safety
    • Personal protective equipment

  • PV-213 : Grid Tied Design

    • Electrical design
    • Mechanical Design
    • System sizing calculations
    • NEC 690 code compliance
    • IV curves

  • PV-222 : PV Electrical Installation

    • Electrical wiring
    • Wire management risks
    • Wire protection
    • System grounding
    • Ground fault protection
    • Arc fault protection
    • Connector installation
    • Weather proofing
    • Insulation types and applications
    • Thermal expansion/contraction
    • Underground circuits coverage

  • PV-312 : PV Commercial & Utility Design Procedures

    • Components of a PV system review 
    • Types of PV systems
    • Design procedures
    • Client contact
    • Preliminary estimations
    • Remote evaluation
    • Site assessment
    • Data collection & organization
    • Preliminary system design
    • Presentation layout

  • PV-313 : PV Commercial & Utility Sizing & Calculations

    • String sizing calculations
    • Wire sizing
    • Design and modeling software
    • Source circuit sizing
    • Ambient temperature adjustments
    • Grounding
    • System design sketches
    • Point of connection
    • Ground fault protection
    • Wire management
    • Peer Review
    • 3D Animation of PV Installation

  • PV-310 : On-Site Assessments for Solar Sales Professionals

    • Performing a shade analysis
    • Identifying proper locations for system components
    • Utilizing shade analysis tools
    • Assess mounting locations