Advanced Solar Heating Installer Program

Meet NABCEP's new 58 hour Education Requirement

Course Details

Category : Solar Heating
Credit Hours : 24 Hours Online
Format : Self Paced Online 
Professional Certificate : Solar Heating Advanced Installer Certificate 
Recommended For : Students that have received prior instruction in solar thermal or solar heating installation training

This solar Heating training program is designed for those who have taken the Solar Heating entry level program. This solar training provides the advanced skills needed for a variety of professions to work with solar heating systems and to undertake issues and problem solving. This solar heating training is taught by our IREC master trainer and is very detailed and complex.

What Will You Gain?
You’ll gain the technical knowledge needed for advanced solar heating, marketing, installation and design positions in the Solar Heating Industry. You’ll have the knowledge of technology, sizing, design and installation techniques needed to be professionally involved with Solar Heating systems. You’ll have the advanced knowledge needed to tackle commercial systems and master unique maintenance and troubleshooting issues that arise post installation. 

Self Paced Online Description
You will be able to learn from our cutting edge online training program around your schedule. This solar training program is broken down into multiple modules that will help create a comfortable study pace for you. Our online training platform is owned by us, which means that we have full control and no excuses to deliver a quality user experience. There are advanced quizzes attached to each module that will help you build confidence with the knowledge obtained. There is no need to rush through the training program because we give you 3 months to complete the training program.

Who Should Attend?
Designers, architects and engineers that is looking to get involved or is already involved with solar heating services should take this course. Any professional in the solar heating and thermal industry who is involved in producing system designs, quotes, or bid proposals should take this course. Any utility, incentive program, AHJ, or code enforcement employee responsible for reviewing these proposals should take this course as well. Any non-installation professional in solar heating and thermal, such as sales, marketing, finance, legal or management, will benefit greatly too. Marketing, policy, finance, or analyst professionals will gain an understanding of the context and meaning behind the driving forces in the Solar heating industry and the factors leading to a system’s financial return. Client facing professionals will be able to speak confidently about solar heating, and job seekers will be able to dazzle in the interview process for their first positions at a solar thermal company. Individuals looking to learn how to install should also take this program prior to taking our advanced solar installation training.

Course Modules
  • SH-201 : System Components and Their Functions

    • Passive ICS systems
    • Thermosyphon technology
    • Open loop recirculation
    • Drain down open loop
    • Closed-Loop indirect
    • Drainback double pump
    • Types of collectors
    • Pumps
    • Heat transfer fluids

  • SH-311 Solar Heating Drainback Systems

    • Reservoir sizing
    • Internal heat exchangers
    • Flow meters
    • Thermo-Miser
    • Drainback solar collection loop
    • Hot Water, space heating, and/or pool heating loop
    • Commercial drainback system with large reservoir
    • Double-Pumped(Thermosyphon) 

  • SH-312 Active Indirect Pressurized Glycol Antifreeze Systems

    • Expansion tanks with heat bearing fluid
    • Prefabricated units of components 
    • Using motorized check valvles
    • Double pump anti-freeze systems
    • Pressurized closed looped systems
    • Residential glycol systems
    • Pumps & Collectors
    • DC Hot water circulating pumps
    • General sizing & matching pumps
    • Anti Freeze protection
    • Heat Transfer Fluids
    • Pressurized glycol steam back systems

  • SH-313 Solar Thermal Collectors

    • Flat plate collectors
    • Collector summary information
    • Evacuated tubes
    • Heat transfer mechanism in a heat pipe system
    • Mounting procedures

  • SH-330 Solar Hot Water Savings and Performance Estimates

    • Energy production comparison of common sources
    • Continuously running pumps / Sensor malfunction
    • SRCC testing guidelines
    • The Solar Path Finder
    • Average family water usage
    • LP & Natural gas water heating

  • SH-314 Passive Solar Water Heating

    • ICS & Thermosyphon systems
    • Eaton/dole freeze protection

  • SH-315 Active Direct Open-Loop Systems

    • Zone maps for frost
    • Drain down systems
    • Pressure relief vavle
    • Mounting PV panels to thermal collectors
    • Open loop with two tank option
    • Open loop hawaiian system

  • SH-321 Insulation, High Limit Control, and Water Issues

    • Piping
    • Piping insulation
    • Valves & expansion tanks
    • Scaling
    • Aesthetics
    • Various manufacturers
    • Two tank systems

  • SH-322 System Controls, Monitoring, testing and Troubleshooting

    • Close approach temperature
    • Monitoring instruments
    • Guages & control
    • Sensor wires

  • SH-316 Site Surveying and Collector Orientation

    • Site Surveying Tools
    • Collector Orientation

  • SH-317 Space Heating, Air Conditioning Commercial System Design

    • Radiant floor system
    • Solar Heating with heat pump assist
    • Optimum water storage volume
    • Solar air conditioning systems
    • Commercial design

  • SH-225 Solar Pool Heating

    • Calculations for heating swimming pools
    • Intelligent variable speed pumps
    • Automatic controllers
    • Flate plate
    • Welded tube
    • Tube & Web
    • C Clamps
    • Maximum solar efficiency
    • Performance of collector types