Energy Auditor Certificate Program

About Energy Auditor Certificate Program

NST offers an advanced certificate program based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's job task analysis for Energy Auditor professionals.  It is designed to be an intensive training on the skills needed by professional energy auditors without the need for existing experience that would be needed by a certification.

What’s the difference between an Energy Auditor and a BPI Building Analyst or Envelope Professional?

Contrary to popular belief, the BPI small homes certifications, such as Building Analyst or Envelope Professional, were designed to certify knowledge of specific areas of Building Science.   They are not training programs that are designed to cover the entire body of knowledge for Energy Auditors created by the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  These certifications cover the fundamentals of building science, or certify knowledge in specialized areas.

Course Description

The Energy Auditor Certificate Program allows new professionals to take a third-party verified, well rounded program to cover the entire skill set they will need professionally, rather than getting certified in one or two narrow specialties.  This covers the entire body of knowledge identified by NREL and the DOE for professional energy auditors.  This proprietary curricula has been developed by leading subject matter experts and goes through rigorous independent review by top employers and leaders in the building science industry.


  • Covers the Entire Body of Knowledge Identified by the DOE and NREL for Energy Auditors
  • Intensive Training with No Pre-Requisite Experience
  • Well recognized and independently verified training certificate.
  • Written Exam
  • Field Exam