Building Analyst for BPI Certification

First Step Towards Becoming an Energy Auditor

Course Details

Category : Energy Efficiency
Credit Hours : 24
Format : Blended (Self Paced Online & Live Classroom)
Professional Certificate : BPI Building Analyst
Recommended For : Students looking to become a certified BPI professional in Building Analyst

The Building Analyst Certificate Program allows new professionals to take a third-party verified, well rounded program to cover the skill set they will need professionally. This course is designed to provide building professionals with the knowledge necessary to identify how a home is currently performing on a scientific level. Professionals will be able to diagnose the structure by evaluating its efficiency, health, safety, and durability for the future. This proprietary curricula has been developed by leading subject matter experts and goes through rigorous independent review by top employers and leaders in the building science industry. This program doe not include the testing fees for BPI Certification.

What Will You Gain?
CleanTech Education's 24 hour introductory course is the first step to becoming a BPI certified professional energy auditor. Our training incorporates Building Performance Institute's (BPI) standards. You will leave  recognizing that all systems are interconnected, from gas and electric appliances to heating and cooling systems, to the building envelope (foundation, windows, doors, walls and roof). You will gain knowledge and hands-on experience with diagnostic equipment, including blower doors and duct blasters, as well as the best practices for performing a comprehensive home energy assessment. After this training program, participants will be able to provide homeowners with an overview of their energy consumption and opportunities to save energy and money.

Self Paced Online Description
You will be able to learn from our cutting edge online training program around your schedule. This solar training program is broken down into multiple modules that will help create a comfortable study pace for you. Our online training platform is owned by us, which means that we have full control and no excuses to deliver a quality user experience. There are quizzes attached to each module that will help you build confidence with the knowledge obtained. There is no need to rush through the training program because we give you 3 months to complete the training program.

Live Classroom Description
Take this training with interested peers at one of our locations. This solar training program is broken down into modules that will help guide the students along their path of completion. Our instructors make sure that all students are progressing along requiring student involvement every step of the way. Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m..

Why Become a BPI Building Analyst?
Many utilities and incentive programs around the country require BPI’s building analyst certification because of its coverage of safety and the dangers of energy auditing, the fundamentals of building science, and conducting basic energy audits. BPI certification shows quality to you and your company, which leads to new business and quality assurance to your customers.

Course Modules
  • EE-101: Introduction to BPI

    • Overview of BPI
    • Testing & standards for BA & EP
    • Geometry primer

  • EE-110: Physics of Heat & Energy

    • Laws of thermodynamics 
    • Potential energy
    • Kinetic energy
    • Power
    • Temperature
    • Heat Transfer
    • Convection
    • Radiation
    • Heating & Cooling degree days

  • EE-210: Science of Moisture & Airflow

    • Forms of moisture
    • Humidity
    • Moisture movement
    • Types of moisture problems
    • Damage & control
    • Air movement
    • Pressure & thermal boundaries
    • Pressure differences
    • Stack, wind & mechancial effect
    • Pressure plane
    • Infiltration & exfiltration
    • Causes of air leaks
    • IAQ
    • Thermal & pressure bypass

  • EE-211: House as a System

    • Building elements
    • Foundations
    • Framing & Wall roof
    • Lighting
    • Electrical appliances
    • Peak demand
    • Types of insulation
    • R & U value
    • Calculations for dense pack
    • Ventilation defined
    • Distribution systems
    • Water heating
    • IAQ

  • EE-220: Blower Door Testing

    • Blower door test
    • Measuring airflow
    • Identifying air leaks
    • Pressure diagnostics

  • EE-221: Combustion Safety Testing For BA

    • Common problems & solutions
    • Air sealing
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Solution
    • Familiarize real life situations with a home
    • Appliances walk through

  • EE-230 : Energy Audit Process

    • Homeowner interview
    • Inspection
    • conflict of interest
    • Field testing hints
    • Business management in energy auditing
    • Business model
    • Software
    • Equipment

  • EE-320: Installation Hands-On Lab

    • Hands on Blower doot testing
    • Hands on CAZ testing
    • Hands on HVAC testing
    • Site assement
    • Health & safety
    • IAQ
    • Ventilation