Advanced PV Solar Sales and Finance

Perfect for Sales Professionals, Project Developers, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

Course Details

Category : Solar Photovoltaics
Credit Hours : 8 Hours Online
Format : Self Paced Online
Professional Certificate : Advanced PV Solar Sales and Finance
Recommended For : PV Sales Professional, Entrepreneurs & Students Taking the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam

This program is designed for sales professionals, project developers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Whether you are an experienced installer or an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, this course will help you gain the knowledge of PV projects by understanding the financial analysis, benefits, risks, project stages, solar incentives, system proposal preparation and qualifying the projects. PV Entry Level training is recommended prior to registration.

Self Paced Online Description
You will be able to learn from our cutting edge online training program around your schedule. This solar training program is broken down into multiple modules that will help create a comfortable study pace for you. Our online training platform is owned by us, which means that we have full control and no excuses to deliver a quality user experience. There are quizzes attached to each module that will help you build confidence with the knowledge obtained. There is no need to rush through the training program because we give you 3 months to complete the training program.

Course Modules
  • PV-230 : Qualifying the Customer and Performing Remote Assessments

    • Analyze the electric bill
    • Energy efficiency
    • Perform site assessment
    • Identify customer needs
    • Ball park estimation
    • Identifying jurisdictional issues

  • PV-310 : On-Site Assessments for Solar Sales Professionals

    • Performing a shade analysis
    • Identifying proper locations for system components
    • Utilizing shade analysis tools
    • Assess mounting locations

  • PV-311 : PV System Layout and Equipment Procurement

    • Selecting appropriate equipment
    • Determining the equipment location
    • Plan system layout
    • Perform string sizing
    • Determining breaker size or supply side connection
    • Determining mounting method & tilt angle

  • PV-330 : Interpreting PV Incentive Policy and Utility Rate Structures

    • Types of incentives and net costs
    • Types of utility rates & net electric bill savings

  • PV-331 Solar Financial Analysis & Benefits

    • Calculate financial analysis
    • Evaluate appropriate financing options
    • Calculate/Quantify environmental benefits proportional to estimate production
    • Describe non-financial, non-environmental benefits

  • PV-332: PV System Performance Analysis

    • Calculating production
    • Identifying factors that degrade system performance over time

  • PV-333 : PV System Proposal Preparation

    • Creating acceptable proposals
    • Identify and estimate permitting fees, interconnection fees, taxes, and other foreseeable costs
    • Financial benefits/financing discussion
    • Energy efficiency and conservation discussion