Advanced PV Installer Program

  • Advanced PV Installer Program

    PV-220: PV Project Elements, Participants and Processes

    • Critical project elements
    • Project participants
    • Site visit information gathering
    • Project processes

    PV-221: PV Mechanical Installation

    • Install equipment foundation
    • Install mounting system
    • Install PV modules

    PV-222: PV Electrical Installation

    • Electrical wiring
    • Wire management risks
    • Wire protection
    • System grounding
    • Ground fault protection
    • Arc fault protection
    • Connector installation
    • Weatherproofing
    • Insulation types and applications
    • Thermal expansion/contraction
    • Underground circuits coverage

    PV-223: PV System Commissioning and Performance Verification

    • Test the system
    • Commission the system
    • Complete system documentation
    • Orient customer to system

    PV-320: Advanced Installation Lab

    • Live Installation Demonstration – Roof & Electrical Safety
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Mounting Hardware Roof Penetration
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Panel Mounting, Leveling, and Grounding
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Grid Tied String Inverter System Wiring
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Grid Tied Micro Inverter System Wiring
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Off Grid / Battery System Inverter Wiring
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Wire Management
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Commissioning
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Troubleshooting
    • Live Installation Demonstration – Design and Orientation Impact on Performance

    PV-312: PV Commercial & Utility Design Procedures

    • Design procedures
    • Components of a PV system review
    • Types of PV systems
    • Design procedures
    • Client contact
    • Preliminary estimations
    • Remote evaluation
    • Site assessment
    • Data collection & organization
    • Preliminary system design
    • Presentation layout

     PV-313: PV Commercial & Utility Sizing & Calculations

    • Sizing & calculations
    • String sizing calculations
    • Wire sizing
    • Design and modeling software
    • Source circuit sizing
    • Ambient temperature adjustments
    • Grounding
    • System design sketches
    • Point of connection
    • Ground fault protection
    • Wire management and peer review
    • 3D animation of PV installation

    PV-314: PV Design Lab

    • Examples of solar PV design problems
    • Examples using solar PV design software
    • Question and answer format on bid preparation,

    40 credit hours

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About Advanced PV Installer Program

Category : Solar Photovoltaics
Credit Hours : 40 Hours in 5 Days
Format : Live Classroom
Professional Certificate : Advanced PV Installer 
Recommended For : PV Installers & Students Taking the NABCEP PV Installer Exam

Our advanced pv installer program training is designed to provide the skill set for lead installer on PV installations. This training is advanced and helps the students meet the NABCEP PV Installer education requirement for the NABCEP PV Installer exam. It covers PV commercial design, safety, code compliance, installation, and project management that the NABCEP Certified PV Installer exam demands. This training will put the student in the right direction in managing an installation crew.

What Will You Gain?
You’ll gain both the technical and hands-on knowledge needed for commercial and utility scale sales, marketing, installation and design. You’ll have the knowledge of advanced design, sizing, and installation techniques needed to be professionally involved with Solar PV systems for commercial and utility sized projects. You’ll also be well prepared for the NABCEP PV Installer exam, having taken the PV Entry Level program as a prerequisite. This will be a professional certification, which is distinct in Solar PV as the industries “gold standard”.

Live Classroom Description
Take this training with interested peers at one of our locations. This solar training program is broken down into modules that will help guide the students along their path of completion. Our instructors make sure that all students are progressing along requiring student involvement every step of the way. Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend?
Solar Installers, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Crew members, Project managers, Site Assessors, Electricians, and Technicians with any involvement in Solar PV should take this course. Any professional in a Solar PV company who is involved in installing PV systems, producing quotes, or bid proposals should take this course, along with any Utility, Incentive Program, AHJ, or Code Enforcement employee responsible for reviewing these proposals. Any installation professional in Solar PV, such as project management, site assessors, and crew members will benefit greatly. Client facing professionals will be able to speak confidently about Solar PV, and job seekers will be able to dazzle in the interview process for their positions at Solar PV companies on an advanced level. Individuals looking to learn more knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding beyond entry level should take this program to advance their careers.